King County Man Convicted Of Murdering Seattle Ex-Wife

Posted on May 16, 2010
A deadly instance of domestic violence in Seattle has ended in the conviction of an abusive husband. The Seattle Post-Intellegencer reports that Washington State resident Jose Angel Blanco was found guilty of murder with a deadly weapon after a King County jury deliberated for 90 minutes regarding the evidence.

Blanco was found guilty of stabbing his ex-wife, Seattle resident Noemi L. Lopez, 58 times with a knife on November 30, 2008. Although the pair had been divorced for over a year, Blanco had allegedly said that he would kill his ex-wife if she ever began dating anyone new. In addition, the man had sent a text message to his ex-wife’s brother telling him that if the rumors that Lopez were dating again were true, he would “take care of [her].”

On the day of the domestic violence incident, Blanco called his 15-year-old daughter to warn her not to go home so as not to discover her mother’s body. After fleeing the murder scene, he left two notes admitting the crime at his girlfriend’s house. In one of the notes, he said that he told his victim, “I got more power than you.”

While he initially fled the country for his native Mexico, Blanco turned himself in two weeks later to Seattle Police at the Sea-Tac Airport. A Washington detective was able to persuade him to return after speaking to him over the phone.

Blanco will be sentence later this spring – he faces 22 to 29 years in prison for his domestic violence murder.

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