Domestic Violence Rates in Spotlight of Seattle Mayoral Campaign

Posted on Nov 19, 2013

The Seattle mayoral campaign between incumbent Mike McGinn and opponent Ed Murray became heated this week as both men argued over a political ad released by Murray attacking McGinn’s actions as Mayor related to domestic violence.


In the 30 second television spot, which aired around the city, Murray states that McGinn has allowed the domestic violence rates to go up during his office because of decisions he made personally regarding domestic violence prevention. Specifically, the TV ad states that in 2011, McGinn dissolved the city’s Office of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention, making it part of a more general human services department. Since that change was made, domestic violence crimes have risen 60 percent in Seattle.


McGinn shot back after the advertisement aired, arguing that although the specific office was eliminated, most employees were retained and absorbed by the Human Services Department. In addition, Seattle has increased funding for domestic violence prevention and education over the past few years. Finally, the mayor stated that domestic violence rates may be increasing because reporting the taboo crime has become more acceptable.


McGinn also added that a tougher domestic violence law, which makes it easier for prosecutors to file aggravated domestic violence assault charges in cases where a victim is choked, could have inflated numbers.


Murray’s side shot back by stating that domestic violence spending has only gone up after McGinn realized it was an issue for his campaign and that two out of seven domestic violence advocates employed by the Seattle Police Department lost their jobs in the 2011 budget cuts.


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