Biggest Cause of Divorce: Unreasonable Behavior?

Posted on Nov 07, 2013

Several recent studies have found that infidelity is no longer the most popular cause for divorce. Now, a new study out of the United Kingdom has found that not only is infidelity an increasingly rare reason for divorce—the most common cause of divorce is “unreasonable behavior.”

The study, which was conducted by Co-Operative Legal Services, analyzed data from over 5 million divorces across a four-decade period. Researchers found that while infidelity was the cause of almost 30 percent of those divorced in the 1970s, it is currently listed as the cause of divorce in about 15 percent of the cases.

On the other hand, unreasonable behavior is currently the leading cause of divorce, accounting for 47 percent of splits in the United Kingdom.

What is considered unreasonable behavior? Researchers gave a few examples: a spouse who makes his wife feel guilty for going out with friends, a husband caught cross-dressing, or a spouse who destroys the family savings.

Researchers are not sure why divorce due to adultery is dropping, or why unreasonable behavior is ending more marriages.

The 1980s had the highest rates of divorce due to adultery, while the 1990s had the highest rates of divorce due to any cause. Currently, about one out of three marriages end in divorce. Five times as many divorces are occurring now as in the 1950s. Possibly because there is less of a stigma surrounding divorce and because women may be better equipped to leave bad marriages. Divorce rates are also rising significantly among the over-60 population.

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