The Most Interesting Divorce Studies of 2012

Posted on Mar 07, 2013

As researchers continue to explore relationships and marriage—and as they continue to collect evidence and data—we are getting a fuller picture of why divorce happens, how it can be prevented, and how we can heal. Over the last year, a number of interesting and helpful findings were published in journals around the world. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the last year: 

  • Co-habitating before marriage no longer affects your divorce chances. 
  • Couples who share housework are more likely to divorce. 
  • Your in-laws could affect your chances of divorce. 
  • Low-income couples are avoiding marriage and divorce. 
  • Couples are choosing more personalized and creative child custody arrangements. 
  • Women are more likely to lose health insurance coverage after a divorce. 
  • Couples who drink the same amount of alcohol are less likely to divorce. 
  • Men drink more than women in the wake of a divorce. 
  • Divorce could be worse for the nation’s economy than previously thought. 
  • Grey divorce” numbers continue to rise across the country. 
  • Women considering divorce tend to work longer hours. 
  • Those who have doubts on their wedding day are more likely to divorce. 
  • Young couples tend to have more emotionally painful divorces. 

What do these findings have in common? Couples that don’t communicate and couples with big lifestyle differences are more likely to divorce, while men and women recover from divorce in different ways. In addition, divorce affects men and women of varying ages in different ways. 

Molly B. Kenny
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