Washington State Divorce & Stress Management: Five Tips for Coping

Going through a divorce is not easy, no matter how amicable the split and no matter how good the decision. However, feeling large amounts of constant stress during the divorce process is not healthy or helpful.

While feeling some stress during a divorce is natural and even unavoidable, it is important to know that there are ways to successfully manage your stress and keep healthy as you begin your new chapter in life.

Let’s start with five divorce stress management tips:

  • Identify your specific stressors. With a divorce, there are many changes and emotions happening all at once. In order to manage your stress, it is important to understand what issues are specifically affecting you.
  • Avoid unnecessary stressors. Don’t try to do it all. A divorce takes a huge amount of energy – this might be a good year to pare down your responsibilities, learn to say no, and simplify some aspects of your life. Don’t feel guilty about avoiding a friend who might cause you stress or asking someone else to temporarily take over a leadership role at your job or in your activities.
  • Accept the stressors that you can’t avoid. While some stress is avoidable, other stressors become worse if you don’t confront them. When it comes to divorce stress, you simply can’t hide. Learn to express your feelings, learn to forgive, learn to focus on the positive, and understand that the situation will get better over time.
  • Realize the unhealthy ways of coping with stress. Some ways of coping with stress are even more harmful than stress itself. These including: drinking too much, relying on illegal or prescription drugs, overeating or under eating, sleeping too much, withdrawing from friends, or taking your stress out on others.
  • Make a list of healthy ways to cope with stress and keep it nearby. Healthy ways of coping with stress include exercise, spending time with friends and family, talking through your feelings, writing in a journal, taking time to relax, listening to music, or spending time on a hobby.

As always, if the stress of divorce is affecting your health, see your doctor to discuss your feelings and symptoms. You may benefit from counseling or medication.

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