A new study that explored the relationship between co-parenting and technology produced some interesting results: while some couples utilize computers and mobile phones to communicate better, other couples use the very same devices to create conflict and acrimony with their exes regarding child custody. In our last article, we looked at how technology can help you be an awesome co-parent. In this article, we’ll examine five ways in which technology can actually harm your co-parenting efforts.

  1. Ignoring emails and calls on your mobile phone. In the best circumstances, technology can bring us closer together. But at the same time, uncooperative parents can use technology to stall communication. Exes that ignore calls and don’t respond to emails are still sending a clear message: I don’t want to work together. Don’t use technology to build walls or avoid responsibility.
  2. Sharing too much on social media websites. For better or worse, millions of Americans belong to multiple social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. While these websites can help us share information with friends, it can also spread damaging information. Writing about a new relationship or writing about personal feelings can be hurtful to your ex and affect your co-parenting efforts.
  3. Sharing too little on social media websites. Now that so many people are involved in social networking, feelings can get hurt if parents deliberately avoid posting updates and pictures online when they have physical custody of the kids. Think about how meaningful it is to see updates about your kids when they aren’t with you, and try to provide those updates to your ex.
  4. Venting about the other parent online. We are in the era of the over-sharer. Social media websites invite users to think out loud, and many do even when there are hurtful consequences. Be extremely careful about saying harmful things about your ex or your children – and always remember that you are in a public forum, whether it seems like it or not.
  5. Harassing or verbally abusing the other parent. At its very worst, technology can be used in an abusive manner by exes: dozens of phone calls, verbally abusive texts, or Facebook messages that are threatening. Evidence of this type of behavior should be collected and kept in case it is needed in court.

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