Last month Molly Kenny visited the set of New Day Northwest, Seattle’s morning talk show on King 5, to speak about the importance of understanding the legal and financial implications of marriage before tying the knot. Because one of the leading causes of divorce is money issues, sitting down with your partner before walking down the aisle will improve your chances of finding success in marriage.

As Molly Kenny chatted with talk show host Margaret Larson, she shared three pre-wedding law tips on what potential spouses should communicate about before the wedding bells ring:

  • How are we going to handle our money? Are you going to have separate and joint bank accounts? Who will be responsible for paying bills? What are your plans for saving and retirement? If you agree on these big questions before getting married (and stick to your agreements) you will cut down on your chances of divorce down the road.
  • Do we need a prenuptial agreement? If you have significant assets to protect, or if your finances are complicated, you may wish to sign a prenuptial agreement. While it can be a touchy subject with future spouses, it is important for both of you to plan for all possible outcomes.
  • What are your assets and debts? Hiding money—or your lack of money—from your betrothed is a bad idea on two levels: it isn’t honest, and it could make trouble for your marriage down the line. Before getting married, pull all of the financial skeletons out of the closet and make sure your partner knows about every aspect of your financial situation.

Do you need help with a prenuptial agreement contract or another aspect of pre-wedding legal help? Contact the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny to speak with an experienced Seattle divorce attorney today at 425-460-0550.

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