In earlier articles, we discussed a few reasons why divorce mediation isn’t good for all families and couples—and a few reasons why mediation may be halted by you or your spouse. However, it is important to understand that a mediator may also feel the need to stop or suspend your mediation sessions. Here are ten different common reasons: 

  1. The mediator realizes that child abuse or neglect is taking place in the family unit. 
  2. The mediator discovers that domestic abuse, intimidation issues, or control issues are present in the family unit. 
  3. The safety of one of the two participants is threatened. 
  4. The safety of the children of the participants is threatened. 
  5. One of the participants threatens to abduct or kidnap the children in question. 
  6. One of the participants is affected by drug or alcohol use. 
  7. One of the participants is affected by a physical or mental health issue. 
  8. The mediator believes that she cannot continue to be impartial toward the two parties. 
  9. The mediator believes that one of the parties is using mediation to take advantage of the other person. 
  10. The mediator believes that the agreement that the two parties have come to is not right or fair. 

As you can see, the mediator is mainly concerned with the safety of everyone involved in the mediation, as well as the overall fairness of the outcome of mediation. If either of these two issues are threatened, the mediation itself is also threatened. You should feel secure knowing that all mediators who follow the model standards of practice will be looking out for your well-being, as well as your best interests, and you should be aware that some divorce and child custody cases are better handled in the courtroom and with the assistance of a judge. 

Are you considering family mediation as a way to settle your Seattle divorce? You should know that having an experienced attorney guide you through the mediation process may help ensure that you get the settlement you deserve. To speak with a Washington State family lawyer at the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny about your case, call 425-460-0550.

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