A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom explored what the most common reasons were for divorce in today’s world. The answers all seemed to hold a common theme—secrecy and unreasonable behavior. It seemed that no matter the bad behavior, keeping activity and knowledge from your spouse is a sure way to cause marital strife and secret-keeping could ultimately lead to divorce.

Here are five secrets that can sink marriages:

  • Hiding spending from your spouse – Another recent study found that hiding credit card spending from your spouse could have serious ramifications for your marriage. One in ten divorces involved stealth spending.
  • Infidelity – Infidelity and secret relationships have been ruining marriage for hundreds of years, and that hasn’t changed today. Both physical and emotional affairs end marriages across the country daily, and many of these affairs start with small secrets.
  • Social media relationships – In recent years, more and more divorces are stemming from inappropriate activity on social media websites like Facebook. What begins as just catching up with an old flame can quickly turn into something more and soon your relationship could be headed for divorce.
  • Your addiction – Unreasonable behavior is the number one cause of divorce. In many cases, this involves a crippling addiction such as drinking, drugs, or gambling. Hiding these problems from your spouse only makes things worse and could be preventing you from getting the help you need.
  • The fact that you aren’t happy – Are you open with your spouse about when you are feeling depressed about your career, you life, or your relationship? Keeping your true feelings quiet can cause a growing rift in your relationship that can lead to divorce.

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