Talking to your young children about divorce can be extremely difficult, especially if you have toddlers or children under the age of seven. One great way to get the conversation going is to share a few children’s books about divorce, visitation, and custody—books that are written by professionals and books that explain what is happening in a way that your child can better understand. The following books use illustrations, cartoon characters, and fictional situations to help your child come to grips with their parents’ changing relationship and adapt to their new lives. They can also help them feel that they are loved and not alone. 

  • It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear by Viki Lansky. This book for young readers focuses on one of the most painful emotions that children may feel during a divorce: that they were a factor in the divorce or that they caused their parents to split. 
  • Standing on My Own Two Feet by Tamara Schmitz. This picture book stresses that having two parents who love you and two different homes can be as good as having two strong feet to stand on. 
  • Two Homes by Claire Masurel. The main character, Alex, has two homes in two different places filled with different things. But he also has two parents who love him, even though they are separated and divorced. 
  • Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown. This book answers many of the most common questions that kids have about divorce, including why parents divorce, how to tell your friends about your parents’ divorce, how holidays will work, and how you will visit one parent for part of the year. 
  • My Family’s Changing by Pat Thomas. Written by a family counselor and psychotherapist, this book explains the concept of divorce while focusing on the young reader’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions to his or her own family situation. 

Remember: books are simply a starting point for further conversation. After reading a book about divorce with your kids, ask them how they feel or what they thought—and always remind them that they are loved. 

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