Last month, we discussed the advantages of supervised visitations for some families going through child custody disputes or divorces. Today, we will share information about the benefits of supervised exchanges or monitored exchanges for some families.

What is a supervised exchange? Much like supervised visits, monitored exchanges involve the participation of a third party in addition to the two parents or guardians. This third party – who could be a friend, relative, or social worker – is present when the child or children transition from one home to another.

What are the Advantages of a Supervised Exchange?

  • Your children will benefit from a drama-free exchange that is positive and consistent.
  • Children will not experience stress or worry before or after an exchange.
  • Children will avoid observing conflict that could involve fighting, yelling, arguing, coldness, name-calling, or even physical abuse.
  • If something goes wrong at the exchange, a neutral witness will be there to observe the issue.
  • Supervised exchanges provide distance between parents during stressful and emotional times.
  • Exchange monitors can help parents understand ongoing concerns or explain issues that might arise during visitations or at exchanges.
  • The third party can help the parents by giving objective information about the exchange and help both parents through the transition.
  • In cases with histories of domestic violence or abuse, supervised exchanges can make everyone feel more safe and secure.

Monitored exchanges may be especially beneficial to parents who have difficulty communicating in the months after a divorce, or child custody case, or to children who feel insecure about transitioning from one household to the other. Some families only need supervised exchanges for a few weeks or months after a visitation schedule begins, while others need support for longer amounts of time.

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