You may have heard that in divorce mediation, you and your partner make all of the decisions. What then, you may ask, is the role of the divorce mediator in the mediation process?

Very simply, a divorce mediator is there to guide you and your spouse through negotiations and find mutually agreeable solutions to all aspects of your divorce, from property settlement to child custody to spousal support to financial disputes. A divorce mediator is a totally neutral participant in the discussion who acts as a facilitator.

A divorce mediator will help you and your spouse:

•    A divorce mediator will help you stay on topic. You and your spouse probably have years of history together – and it is absolutely normal for some anger and other negative emotions to seep into conversations. A mediator is there to prevent your communication from devolving into arguments or petty discussions.
•    A divorce mediator will offer impartial information and opinions. It can sometimes seem difficult to step back from your view of the situation or see an argument from the other person’s shoes. A mediator can help you understand how your spouse feels or even settle arguments that you and your partner can’t seem to get to the bottom of.
•    A divorce mediator can offer possible solutions. Your mediator has likely seen dozens or even of hundreds of couples through this process – and he or she can certainly help you by offering you options that have worked in the past for other couples.
•    A divorce mediator provides a safe, neutral environment to talk. It can be tough to bring up sensitive topics – and even more so with the person you are separating from. Divorce mediation gives both people a fair chance to bring up these sometimes painful subjects and get a direct and honest response.

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