After your Seattle divorce is finalized and after your parenting plan is in place, you are free to start a new chapter of your life in a new home. If you have physical custody of your children for part of the week or year, this also means preparing bedrooms for your kids in your new apartment, condo, or home. How can you make this transition as smooth and healthy as possible?


  • If they’re old enough, consult your kids. Ask them what color they’d like their room painted and make it a weekend project. Ask them for input on furniture or a theme. Resist the urge to surprise them with something without asking, especially if they are old enough to make their own decisions – they’ve had enough change for now.
  • Make room for items that will be traveling with them. If they play an instrument, make sure you have a music stand. If they play sports, designate a spot for equipment. Make it easier for them to transition from one home to another without too many glitches.
  • Don’t try to make something all new, but don’t try to recreate their old bedroom. Pick a few items from their bedroom to move to their new place, and ask if they are old enough – it can be uncomfortable to go somewhere with all new and unfamiliar items. However, also ask them if they’d like to try something new – perhaps decorations that are more grown up or a space for one of their hobbies.
  • Add a picture of the family. Having a picture of you, your ex-spouse, and your children is a great symbol that even though you are no longer with your partner, you are co-parents who both love your children. A picture makes a statement that it’s not bad or wrong to speak about the other parent or to continue to have the other parent in your lives.
  • Think about your child’s needs. Do they need a desk for schoolwork? Do they need a table for their pet fish? What about a night light or a humidifier? Consult with the child’s other parent and make sure all necessities and needs are met.


Child custody situations are difficult, but they are not any easier for your children. Realize that they need comfort, love, familiarity, and normalcy more than anything. You can help establish all of these things when creating their new bedroom or living space.


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