You already know that the outcome of your Washington divorce mediation is going to impact your future. You know that the decisions that are reached about child custody and support, property division, and spousal support are going to affect your daily life.

But it is Not Just the Outcome That is Important

The way in which your mediation is handled is also important to your future. A friendly and successful divorce mediation can, for example:

  • Save you money – Mediation is often less expensive than litigation. This can mean that you and your ex-spouse are both left with more money in your pockets.
  • Show your children that their parents still work together – Your children may not be present at mediation, but they may have questions about your divorce. You will be able to explain to them that their parents are working together to find a solution that is in the best interest of everyone involved. They may be comforted to hear that you are working together and that their parents are the ones making decisions about the family’s future.
  • Become the model by which you and your ex-spouse communicate in the future – If you have children then you and your ex-spouse are going to have to keep communicating. The way that you act in mediation can help you adjust to your new roles as co-parents and communicate respectfully and effectively.

Other emotional, financial, and practical benefits may also occur.

Call a King County Lawyer – Even if You Agree on Everything

We hope that you will be able to realize the benefits of an amicable Washington divorce mediation. However, even if you and your soon to be ex-spouse agree on everything, it is still important to consult with a King County divorce mediation lawyer who can make sure that your rights are protected, advise you of your legal rights, and file the appropriate paperwork to finalize your divorce.

If you are considering a Washington divorce, please take advantage of our free divorce guides. You can request a complimentary copy of our book The Thinking Man’s Guide to Divorce in Washington or The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Divorce in Washington to learn more.

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