Most people going through divorce mediation have never experienced a divorce and have never experienced the mediation process—so how are they supposed to know if they are working with a professional and competent mediator? And how can they be sure that they are picking the right person with whom to work? 

One great way to make certain that you are working with a mediator who truly cares about her profession is to ask them how they have acquired and maintained their knowledge of the mediation process—and how they stay active within their field. 

  1. Your mediator participates in continuing education. The field of mediation is ever changing, and good mediators take the time and energy to keep abreast of these changes and innovations. Ask how your mediator continues his or her education. 
  2. Your mediator acts as a mentor to less experienced mediators. A great mediator doesn’t just keep learning, they also teach others what they have learned. Ask if he mentors other mediators or how he gives back to the profession. 
  3. Your mediator engages in self-assessment. How does your mediator strive to improve her practice, and how does she reflect on her own cases? Ask how—and how often—she self-assesses. 
  4. Your mediator participates in peer consultation. Again, a great mediator is a mediator who participates in the greater community and learns from others in the field. Ask how your mediator interacts with his peers. 
  5. Your mediator explores the impact of culture and diversity on the mediation process. How different cultures and backgrounds affect the mediation process is a relatively new issue that is still being explored by mediators. How does your mediator confront these issues in her practice? 

According to the model standards of practice for family and divorce mediation, all mediators should be taking the above steps to be the best professional that they can be. 

If you are participating in the mediation process, you may wish to have the assistance of an experienced Seattle mediation attorney. With a mediation lawyer at your side, you may better understand what your rights are during your divorce and make certain that your settlement is fair. To learn more about our legal services, please contact The Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today at 425-460-0550

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