Right now you might have a set idea in your head about the property that you know you want when your King County divorce is finalized. You may be confident that you have a good idea about what your joint assets are and what you should receive in the divorce settlement. You might even be willing to give up a little bit of what you are owed if you can end your marriage amicably and quickly.

You Are Still Taking an Unnecessary Risk

If you decide to handle the division of property on your own, then you could risk:

  • Not knowing the true value of all of your property and taking much less than you should receive. You may know what is in your checking account, but do you know the real value of all of your investments and the fair market value of all of your property?
  • Making a decision that could negatively impact your future. Once you reach a settlement it can be very difficult to get property back.

You do not have to take these risks. Instead, you can consult with a divorce lawyer who can make sure that there is an accurate accounting of your assets and who can advise you of your rights to each asset. Together, you and your lawyer can work on ending your marriage amicably, quickly and fairly.

Don’t Deny Yourself This Right

Instead, call a lawyer. If you are entering a King County divorce mediation then your lawyer may be able to coach you so that you are confident in the decisions that you are making. If the mediation fails then your lawyer can represent you in court.

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