I have a good understanding of the financial issues that couples need to address, so a financial planner for divorce is not necessary in most cases. But in cases involving large assets or complicated finances, I may work with a financial planner.

Financial planners can help with more complex issues such as investments, post-divorce budgeting, and sticky tax issues that some couples have to address during their proceedings.

What Types of Financial Issues Will I Need to Address During a Divorce?

During a divorce, you must carefully assess, value, and divide all marital assets and debts during the equitable distribution process. Below are just some of the financial issues you might need to handle:

  • Appraising properties
  • Calculating value of investments
  • Completing a financial affidavit
  • Determining the worth of retirement plans
  • Estimating income
  • Figuring out a reasonable post-divorce budget
  • Planning how to manage large assets after the divorce

How Might a Financial Planner be Able to Help?

Many couples’ financial portfolios are simple and straightforward, while others contain complex financial issues. The larger the assets, the more complicated matters often get. If you have special financial considerations to address during your divorce, I might recommend enlisting the help of a financial planner.

A financial expert can help you and your attorney work through various scenarios for planning for the future and managing assets during divorce.

Some of the questions financial planners can assist you with include things like:

  • How do we handle the business interests we share? Should we sell the business or keep it in operation?
  • Should we keep or sell the house?
  • When and why should I sell stocks and bonds?
  • How do we handle restricted stock from employers?
  • Should I withdraw money from my 401(k) or IRA for the divorce settlement?
  • When should I draw from my pension?
  • Do I have an appropriate mix of investment assets?
  • What types of complicated tax issues can I anticipate and how do I best deal with them?

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