When it comes to deciding on Washington State child custody, the court always rules according to the best interests of the child. But as childhood obesity becomes more and more of an issue, both in Seattle and across the country, more judges, divorce attorneys, and families are grappling about whether giving custody to one parent instead of the other would be bad for a child’s weight.

Examining the Causes of Childhood Obesity

One large issue with factoring childhood obesity into child custody battles is the fact that there can be a number of reasons that a child has gained too much weight. Genetics, unhealthy school cafeteria lunches, depression, or hormone imbalances can cause a child to be overweight just as a parent who supports poor eating habits can. Before a child’s weight could be considered in child custody court, an attorney would have to prove that the minor’s obesity was directly caused by a parent’s actions.

Obesity as a Reason for a Child Custody Decision

Recently, child obesity was a factor in a child custody dispute in our neighboring state of Oregon. In the case, a judge decided to change the custody of a child from his father to his mother after evidence came to light that the child was eating fast food three times a day. However, there was obviously more to the case than the child’s eating habits – the child had also missed important vaccines. These two facts led the judge to conclude that the child’s wellbeing was being neglected.

Washington State child custody cases are often complex, emotionally difficult, and anything but clear-cut. If you are fighting for the custody of your child, or grappling with a child custody legal issue, it is important that you speak with a Seattle family law attorney who can answer your questions and help you formulate a plan of action. Call the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny at our Bellevue law office to schedule an appointment with a child custody lawyer.

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