Divorce changes many aspects of a child’s life, from where they sleep at night to who takes care of them during the day. In many cases, a divorce means switching school systems because they move away with their primary caregiver. Should you switch your child’s school in the wake of a divorce, or should you do everything you can to keep your kid’s school environment consistent? Here are five things to consider:

  • Familiarity and consistency are very important. So much about your child’s life has changed with the divorce – they may be living in a different place, have a different schedule, and have a different view of their parents’ relationship. Changing their school on top of everything else could be extremely difficult.
  • Being with family may be better than being in the same school. Staying at the same school may be ideal, but a move might be necessary because of where family is located, your career, or simply because you need a fresh start. While a child may not want to change schools, it may be the best option because of other factors.
  • Sometimes changes are welcomed. Your child may want a fresh start just like you do – or perhaps they were looking for an opportunity to get out of the school they were in. It may be that everyone involved would like to start anew.
  • Being away from old friends can take away support. When their family is in a state of change (as it always is during a divorce), you child may be finding lots of emotional support through friends and friends’ family. If changing school will separate your child from these extremely important support networks, you may want to rethink your plan.
  • Your child might have his or her own input! If your child is old enough to be in school, he or she may be old enough to share an opinion. Ask what they think about changing schools, even if you make it clear that you will be making the final decision.

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