Every once in a while, a famous couple will have a long, public acrimonious divorce – a drawn-out courtroom drama where all the little details of their lives and finances are shared with the world. But the vast majority of the time, celebrities choose divorce mediation over litigation.

Why? Although Hollywood stars, athletes, and other famous faces choose divorce mediation for the same reasons that others do, their public lives and complex finances often make mediation an even better choice for them. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Divorce mediation means privacy. Stars already face lives where they can’t buy a cup of coffee without getting their picture taken. When they get divorced, everyone wants the details. Mediation allows them to keep their relationship and their money matters private since the settlement is confidential.
  • Divorce mediation can save money. Celebrities often have a lot of property to lose, and leaving the settlement in the hands of a judge can be a mistake. Also, mediation can save time, which always saves money.
  • Divorce mediation means more control. Mediation, aside from generally being less expensive, can make certain that both parties are happy with every detail of the settlement. Especially because celebrities might have complex finances, including second homes, art collections, and multiple vehicles. Mediation gives them an opportunity to choose specifically who gets what.
  • Divorce mediation can protect family. Especially if the couple has young children, divorce mediation may mean that these kids don’t see their parents battle it out in the courtroom, complete with all the details in the daily paper. It ensures that parents cooperate instead of argue and if there are a few arguments, their kids are not exposed to them.

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