Washington State divorce and child custody cases can take months and even years – and it is not surprising that some move on to new romantic relationships during the divorce proceedings or during the child custody proceedings. In some cases, divorcees wonder if they can cohabitate with their new partner and if this move would affect their chances of receiving custody rights or visitation rights.

As with all cases, the answer to this question depends on the unique details of your individual case, as all child custody cases are different. And as with all cases, child custody is decided largely based on the best interests of the child. That means that the only way that cohabitation during child custody will affect the outcome is if your new boyfriend or girlfriend adversely affects the life of the child. For example, if you have an unhealthy relationship with your new partner, if your child voices issues with the partner, or if your partner has an unhealthy affect on the relationship, it will affect your case outcome. Absolutely do not move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, who has a history of domestic violence, or who has a serious criminal history.

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