During property division in a Washington divorce, joint debts are either paid or assigned. In cases in which joint debts cannot be transferred to one person’s name, one ex-spouse’s credit will suffer if the other does not follow through with regular payments. Some might stop payments because they don’t have to money to do so, some may not be acting responsibly, and some may be stopping payments out of spite.

If joint debt payments stop, request a free credit report to find out exactly what the issue is. Next, attempt to communicate with your ex about the issue and determine why the debts are not being paid – in writing and perhaps with the guidance of a family law attorney. Finally, attempt to have your ex move the debt into an account in their name only or enforce the terms of the divorce in court.

Generally, it is not a good idea to keep any joint debts in both spouses’ names after a divorce. During the assignment of debts, try to make certain that debts are only under the name of the person assigned to pay the debt.

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