There is no way to tell whether a potential partner is a future abuser or that a boyfriend or girlfriend could become abusive in the future. Abusive partners could appear perfectly normal to others and there is no definitive way to pick them out of a line up. However, there are some common warning signs that may help you avoid an abusive situation:

  • Abusers often want to quickly escalate a relationship – they want to move in together or get engaged on an accelerated timeline.
  • Abusers may be very charming and charismatic at first – and may use this time to gather sensitive information about you.
  • Abusers often display controlling behavior, perhaps related to how you spend your time, who you see, or how you spend your money.
  • Abusers are often jealous. While this jealousy may at first seem like concern or caring, it can morph into control and jealous rages.
  • Abusers often try to isolate the victim. In early stages, this may involve wanting to spend large amounts of time alone with the victim.
  • Abusers may display sudden shifts in mood and personality – charming one moment and frightening the next.

Domestic abuse can be extremely harmful – and domestic violence is just plainly illegal. If you are navigating a divorce or child custody case that involves domestic violence, you may wish to speak with a Seattle domestic abuse attorney. Call Molly B. Kenny today to schedule a private consultation.

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