The vast majority of child abduction cases in the United States involve a family member, such as mother, father, or grandparent. If you are locked in a hostile child custody dispute, or if you have other reason to believe that your children may be at risk for a parental kidnapping, there are several steps you should take to protect them:

  • Talk with your ex – If your ex is at all reasonable, communication may be the best way to avoid an escalation. Studies have shown that just a few hours of counseling can drastically lower parental abductions. At the same time, many abductors have said that they took the kids because they felt no one was listening to them or helping them.
  • Be ready – Do you have recent pictures of your child? Do you know their height and weight? Do you know the license plate numbers of your ex’s vehicles? Make sure that you have the information you need if an abduction were to take place.
  • Talk to the authorities – If you believe that your ex may take your children, tell someone! You can start with your attorney, the court, or the police. If the threat is a real one, they will act immediately. If an abduction is still only a possibility, they can help you prevent one and give you the resources you need.

It is important to understand that if you see concrete signs of an abduction, such as plane tickets, packed luggage, or written proof, you need to act immediately. Call the police and make sure your children are safe.

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