How Common Is Domestic Violence in Washington State?

Sadly, it is difficult to know how common domestic violence is in Washington State and across the country because these crimes are often not reported to police. Because domestic abuse occurs among family members, loved ones, or spouses, victims of these crimes will often endure abuse out of fear, embarrassment, or shame. In some cases, domestic violence victims are also emotionally abused and will, in fact, protect their abuser from harm.

But here’s what we do know about domestic violence: it affects women, men, and children. It happens to people of all races, all cultures, all sexual orientations, and all classes. While we don’t know exact numbers, the government estimates that millions of men and women are harmed in domestic violence incidents every year in the United States. One in 12 women will experience domestic abuse during her lifetime, while one in 45 men will also be victims. Domestic violence costs our country an estimated $5.8 billion per year.

What can we do to make domestic violence less common in Washington and the Seattle area? Report all cases of abuse, educate those around you about domestic violence, and raise your children to understand the serious consequences of family abuse.

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