Domestic violence is an extremely damaging social issue in Washington State that not only tears families apart but also results in a significant number of assaults, rapes, and murders. While stopping domestic violence should be a priority in Seattle, it can be difficult to know what any one individual can do to stop the cycle of violence. However, there are a few small steps that we can all take to fight back against abusers:

•    Call the police if you hear a violent domestic dispute or other domestic violence crime.
•    Donate a few hours of your time to a local domestic violence prevention program.
•    Educate your children to respect their future partners and peacefully resolve conflicts.
•    Educate your children on the issues of domestic violence and domestic abuse.
•    Make a donation of supplies or money to a local women’s shelter.
•    Familiarize yourself with Washington State domestic violence legal issues and current events.
•    Try to live your own life without violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and controlling behavior.

If you are being directly affected by domestic violence or domestic abuse, understand that there are a number of resources in Seattle and Washington State that can assist you. If you need legal assistance, speak with a Seattle domestic abuse attorney today.
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