Unfortunately, yes. A domestic violence study of 1,600 families around the country has found that 80 percent of children who grew up experiencing domestic violence were also involved in domestic violence disputes as adults. Also, that 75 percent of children who grew up with domestic violence reported being the victim of domestic abuse.

However, knowing that you are more likely to experience domestic violence as an adult can help you to avoid this terrible cycle of violence. Simply being aware of the link between growing up witnessing intimate partner abuse and being involved in intimate partner abuse as an adult is a huge step in the right direction. In addition, you may wish to talk to your spouse about domestic violence, seek counseling for past domestic abuse issues, and talk to your kids about domestic abuse. Perhaps the best thing you can do to break the cycle of violence is modeling a loving and kind relationship for your own children to witness.

Taking action when you are the victim of abuse is also vital to stopping the “family tradition” of domestic abuse. Understand that domestic violence is absolutely against the law and that calling the police during a domestic dispute is often the safest action to take for you and your family. Escaping the abuse is the first step toward healing—and the first step toward protecting your children from the long-term consequences of abuse.

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