Whether or not your child gets to help with the decision of his or her custody depends heavily on the individual details of the specific case. In some cases, a child’s feelings may be weighed heavily by the court and his or her parents. In other cases, a child may be placed in a home against his or her wishes.

In all cases, the court will decide custody based on the best interests of the child. Sometimes that means that a child is placed with a person the child prefers, but sometimes it means the opposite.

If a child is mature enough to add input to the situation, his or her wishes could be considered. Likewise, if a child has obviously bonded with one parent over the other, many judges will consider the emotional damage that would occur if the child and parent were separated.

If a child wishes to live with a parent who suffers from substance abuse issues, who has a violent criminal history, or who does not look after the child’s basic needs, a judge may decide to place the child in a different home against his or her wishes.

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