Domestic violence absolutely does occur in gay and lesbian relationships; in fact, researchers believe that same-sex domestic abuse takes place at the same rate as it does for heterosexual couples. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological abuse have nothing to do with gender. Relationships can become violent and harmful in all situations, including in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered partnerships.

Sadly, gay and lesbian abuse victims may be even less likely to report their abuse or to ask for help than heterosexual abuse victims. Some homosexual abuse victims may not tell anyone that they are being abused because they are not yet out to friends and family, while others may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some gay abuse victims are told by their partners that domestic violence is "normal" for LGBT relationships, while others are told that violence between two people of the same sex is "fair" or "mutual." Neither of these statements is true.

Domestic abuse is never acceptable - no matter your sexual orientation. If you are in a violent relationship in Washington State and need help, please see our list of local resources. If you need the assistance of a Seattle domestic violence attorney, contact Molly B. Kenny today.

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