The deposing attorney can ask any number of questions about your assets, so it is best to be armed with the facts before walking in to your deposition. For example, if you are not sure of a figure and you make a low guess as to its value, you could be seen as uninformed or intentionally misleading by a judge. Your attorney should walk you through all of the estimated values of the following before the day of the deposition:

  • Land. You may be asked by the deposing attorney if you have purchased any land, including lots, acreage or land investments. This may also include burial plots at Evergreen Park Cemetery, or Seattle land or houses you are named to inherit after one of your parents pass away.
  • Bank accounts and monetary investments. You may be asked how much money is in you and your spouse’s individual and joint bank accounts, as well as any certificates of deposit, U.S. Treasury Bonds, or contents of your safety deposit boxes.
  • Houses and property. In order to determine what will happen to your shared residence and household items, you may be asked the value of your home, who intends to live in it, the condition it is in, and if selling the house is an option. You will also be asked to give a dollar value for furnishings in your home, so it is wise to have your valuable assets—such as antiques, guns, and heirlooms—appraised before the deposition date.
  • Vehicles. You will be asked how many cars you have, their value, how much is remaining on each auto loan, and what you intend to do with the vehicle after the divorce. The same may be asked of additional vehicles, such as motorcycles, bicycles, or watercrafts (boats or jet-skis).
  • Dividends. You may be asked to assign value to any stocks, trusts, bonds, mutual funds, royalties, tax shelters, or other investments that pay you regular dividends, interest payments, or income.

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