What Should You Do With Your Wedding Ring After a Divorce?

Your engagement ring and wedding ring are a symbol of your marriage – so what does it symbolize after a divorce? And what does it mean to you personally?

What you do with your rings after a divorce is an extremely personal choice – and there is no right answer. The only issue is discovering for yourself what the right choice is for you and your family. One woman may want to keep wearing her ring even after the divorce, while another may throw hers into the ocean for closure. Here are a few more common choices:

  • Repurpose the ring into a new symbol. Many women are making the choice to bring the ring to a jeweler and to create a new meaningful piece altogether – a diamond pin that represents a new chapter in her life, or a necklace that reminds her of where she is on her journey.
  • Keep the ring for your children. Even though your marriage may not hold much meaning for you, it may be more important to your children, even if things didn’t work out. If you have young children, you may consider keeping the ring until you know their feelings or until you know whether they would appreciate the keepsake.
  • Return the ring to the giver. Some women are empowered by returning the ring to their ex – an action that can be symbolic and healing.
  • Sell the ring. Engagement rings can be worth a lot – and in some cases can be one of the bigger assets that a person has. If the ring no longer holds meaning to you, and if it could help you financially as you start a new chapter in your life, consider selling it.

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