Divorce comes with a number of life changes—and for many stay-at-home moms starting a new chapter in their life without their spouse, one of the biggest changes may be restarting a career and re-entering the workforce after several years of absence. Even if you are receiving spousal support or child support, you may need to look for work for financial and/or emotional reasons. 

How can you jump back into the workforce after an extended period off—and after the emotional stress of a divorce? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Update your resume. Step one is to take a look at your resume and update it. Have you done volunteer work or gone to school since you’ve been away from work? Make sure to include these experiences. And don’t hesitate to let friends, old colleagues, or a professional edit your resume. 
  • Get your skills up to date. The world changes quickly, and if you have been away from the workforce for more than a couple of years, you may have some new skills to learn. This may be especially true if you worked in the computer, science, or technology field. Learn what you’ve missed, and consider taking classes to update your knowledge. 
  • Consider part-time work. Sometimes re-entering the workforce doesn’t mean getting the exact job or exact hours that you want. At the same time, sometimes transitioning more slowly back into a job is a better choice after a long time away. 
  • Discuss your divorce professionally. Many women are not sure how to approach the subject of their divorce when it comes to their resume and job interview. Don’t try to hide the fact of your divorce, but don’t dwell on the issue or go into the details of why your marriage ended. 

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