Valentine’s Day Begins “Divorce Season”

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love and romance. For some, it could be a wake-up call or the final straw when it comes to divorce. Several studies have documented that the days surrounding the holiday are popular for Internet searches for divorce information—and the months following the holiday are popular for filing divorce papers. Here are the statistics:

  • According to one study of divorce filings in New York and California, divorces increase by 18% in February.
  • One legal referral site has reported that their divorce queries increase 38% on the day after Valentine’s Day.
  • Legal website and forum AVVO reports that their queries about divorce and protection orders increase by 40% on the days surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Why do divorce lawyers and love experts think that the “divorce season” begins with Valentine’s Day? Some believe that Valentine’s Day may remind couples of what their relationship should be like, and what they are missing in their own lives. Others think that some people are disappointed with how their spouse observes Valentine’s Day—and it makes them realize that they aren’t happy in their marriage. Some people may seek a divorce on the holiday because their spouse’s affair becomes apparent on Valentine’s Day.

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Molly B. Kenny
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