This week we shared four common Washington State child custody myths that badly needed a debunking. In today’s blog post, we’ll share two more common myths that we hear far too often from clients: 

Myth #5: My ex and I figured out an agreement – we don’t need anything official.

Unofficial child custody and visitation arrangements are always okay… until they are not. People change and circumstances change, so it is ideal to have your agreement on paper, official, and legal. It is always the best idea to have your parenting plan modifications changed in the courts with the help of an attorney – and we’re not just saying that because we’re attorneys.

Myth #6: After a divorce, I am parenting alone and won’t have any help.

Just because you do not live with your ex and are not married to your ex does not mean that you cannot successfully co-parent with your ex. Most Washington State parenting plans split physical and legal custody between the two parents and encourage children to have relationships with both parents – you have an opportunity to continue communicating and working with your child’s other parent. While we know that this can be difficult considering your past, many parents find it possible to cooperate and join parenting forces for the sake of their children.

At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, we understand that child custody is often the most painful part of a divorce, and that child custody disputes can last long after an initial parenting plan is drawn up. If you have questions about your Washington child custody case, call our Bellevue family law attorneys today.

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