We've shared several stories with you regarding the connection between divorce rates and the economy, but today we have a new piece of news about the connection between divorce mediation and the economy.

Several studies have found that divorce rates drop during recessions, like the recent economic downturn, as many couples cannot afford to separate, establish separate households, or take on new lives on single incomes. However, new information has found that more and more couples are choosing Washington State divorce mediation during hard times because mediation can cost significantly less than court proceedings.

Especially since the poor housing market and high unemployment rates drag on for the fourth year, many couples who have decided to divorce but don't think that they can afford it are turning to alternative methods of separating. Divorce mediation allows couples to talk through issues like property division, child custody, child support, and alimony with the help of a neutral mediator. This process can help speed up the divorce process while also saving couples money.

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