This month we’ve been talking about interfaith relationships and interfaith divorce: the complications of child custody when parents follow two different faiths, how interfaith relationships can complicate divorce, and how judges handle spiritual custody disputes.

In this blog post, though, let’s focus on what you and your ex can do after your interfaith divorce to make sure that your kids have the best and healthiest experience possible:

  • Respect your co-parent’s faith. Your child learns from observing you. Never bad-mouth your ex’s religion or make fun of a cultural tradition. Be very clear that while you may hold different beliefs, everyone’s religion should be honored and valued.
  • Communicate about all things religious. Always ask your ex-spouse before you involve your child in a religious activity – and ask your ex to do the same. Also let your ex know if your child has asked spiritual questions and how you answered them.
  • Consider attending events outside of your faith. Just because you do not subscribe to your ex’s religion does not mean that you should skip religious events involving your children. If your son or daughter is participating in a church event or having a Bar Mitzvah, show your support.
  • Understand that your child will soon make his or her own spiritual decisions. You may be surprised at how often a child can come to his or her own conclusions about their beliefs, or how soon a child can understand ideas of faith. You may also be surprised at how your child can embrace more than one religion without feeling internal conflict.

It can be extremely hard to accept that your children will be raised with exposure to more than one religion – or with exposure to the religion of your ex-spouse. But there is a positive side that you must focus on during this time, and supporting and loving your children throughout the co-parenting process is more important than anything else.

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