Part of the stress of preparing your child for a long-distance child visitation is successfully getting your child to the airport or train station—and having a smooth transition and goodbye to kick off their trip. Here are a few simple tips for seeing your children off before a long visit with their other parent: 

  • Leave early. A long-distance child visitation can be emotionally tough for your kids, as well as stressful for you. Don’t make matters worse by rushing to the airport or train station. Leave extra time so that you can give your child a proper send off and address any last-minute concerns they may have. 
  • Take your child as far as you can. Even if you cannot go to the plane’s gate or board the train with your child, you can personally take them to the airport or train station and help them start off their journey feeling safe and secure. Try and avoid dropping them off quickly at the front entrance. 
  • Check flight statuses. Don’t just check the flight status of the first leg of the journey, be sure that your child’s connections are on time and unaffected by weather conditions. If your child is old enough, make sure she also knows how to check a flight’s status. 
  • Stay available. Even if you aren’t with your child physically, make sure you are available during travel and during the visit. Be certain your child can get into contact with you in the case of an emergency or even if he just wants to talk or feel close. 

When your child returns, be sure to pick them up in person and ask warmly about their trip. Try hard not to pretend like the trip didn’t happen or to mine them for details about your ex. 

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