Once you make the courageous decision to leave an abusive spouse or partner, it can be overwhelming.  You may not know where to turn for help or where you and your children will live.  The City of Seattle has programs to help survivors of domestic violence get back on their feet and put together a plan of action.

The City of Seattle has various housing options, including enriched housing, temporary hotel stays and transitional housing.  Enriched housing is a short-term answer for women and children with nowhere else to go.  Domestic violence advocates are available at these homes to help with creating a safety plan and securing long-term housing.

Sometimes a domestic violence victim has to get out of her house quickly, which is why hotel vouchers are offered through the city.  Victims can stay up to 2 weeks in a hotel, while they determine where they will live.

Transitional housing is the solution for women who can’t locate affordable housing, but can’t return home due to safety concerns.  Women and children can stay for up to two years in these homes.

You are not alone.  A Seattle domestic violence lawyer from the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny can help you.  Contact the law firm at (425) 460-0550 for more information.
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