Moving into transitional housing after domestic abuse Making the decision to leave an abusive spouse is frightening.  You fear for the safety of your children and yourself, and rightfully so.  One of the most dangerous times for domestic violence victims is when they choose to leave.  The good news is that there are safe places to go.  If you are a survivor of domestic violence in Seattle, the city has created programs to help you.  A professional domestic violence advocate can help you leave safely.

The City of Seattle provides various housing options for women who have been hurt by domestic violence and have nowhere to turn.

Alternative Housing

Enriched Housing: The City of Seattle provides confidential housing programs throughout the city.  Enriched housing offers a short-term solution for women and their children.    During the stay, domestic violence advocates will assist with developing a safety plan and locating long-term housing.  Women will also receive help with legal matters and finding a job.

Hotel Vouchers: It has been estimated that approximately 176 families in Seattle leaving an abusive situation will use these vouchers.  These vouchers are designed for emergency circumstances, which give women a chance to locate another safe place to live.  Hotel stays range anywhere from days up to two weeks.

Transitional Housing:  When a woman is in a situation where she can’t return home, but can’t find affordable housing, traditional housing is a good option.  The City of Seattle funds what it considers, “longer-term housing options,” where women and children can stay up to two years.  Transitional housing gives additional support as families locate permanent housing.

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse in King County, you do not have to face this frightening time alone.  A Seattle domestic violence attorney from the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny can help you.  We know how to gather evidence for domestic abuse and how to get this evidence into court.  For more information on how we can help you, contact us today at (425) 460-0550.

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