You’ve seen the headlines and, perhaps, you’ve heard horror stories from other divorced parents. You’ve listened to tales of teenage rebellion and you’ve read stories about how divorce affects the long-term happiness of kids. You may be, understandably, scared.

Divorced Parents Aren't Helpless

There are things that you can do help your child get through this difficult time and protect his or her future. Specifically, experts such as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that parents:

  • Continue to work together as co-parents.

  • Put the needs of their children first in child custody and support arrangements.

  • Tell the kids about the divorce together, if possible.

  • Maintain stability and routines, to the extent possible.

  • Get professional guidance, or counseling, if needed.

Of course, you know your child best and it is important to get your teenager the help that he or she needs after a Washington divorce.

Technology Can Help Connect with Your Children Versus Hurting Your Relationship

Recently we’ve been discussing how difficult it can be to parent and to co-parent when your kids live far away from you – it can be difficult to get face-to-face time, it feels harder to “be there” for your kids, and it can prove hard to feel included in the family.

Below, we’ve shared five ways you can connect with your kids using technology – new ways to reach out that weren’t possible even five or ten years ago.

  • Social networking. Your kids are doing it, and you can too. “Friend” your kids on Facebook and share your daily thoughts, pictures, and even silly links with your kids. Just be sure to give older kids their privacy and don’t use the website to spy!
  • Miss your kids? There’s an app for that. Smartphone games and online games allow people to connect through playing games over long distances. Popular online games allow you to do everything from share a virtual aquarium with your younger kids or play word games with your older children.
  • Skype for some face-to-face time. There are free programs available that use your computer’s microphone and webcam to connect with friends and family. It’s surprising how much closer it feels than talking on the phone.
  • Connect on photo sharing sites. Websites like Instagram allow users to upload photos that they snap with their phone throughout the day – and let photographers add captions and filters to their pictures. Now your children can see what you are up to during the day (i.e. a hike, a trip to the movies), and you can encourage them to share their adventures with you.

Even though you might not be able to see your kids as often as you like, iPads, smartphones, and computers have given us new ways to connect and communicate. Get creative!

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