You’ve divorced your spouse and one of you has moved away from town. If you didn’t have kids, you might not speak to each other at all. Since you do, you need to keep your relationship intact on some level. How can you successfully co-parent long-distance?
  • Communicate regularly. This might be painful, especially soon after your divorce, but it is necessary to be a great co-parent. If you don’t do well on the phone, try sending regular email updates. Some parents find success with regularly scheduled weekly meetings.
  • Don’t use your child as a messenger. Your child should simply not be part of the co-parenting process! If you have something to say or discuss, call your co-parent. Just as when you were married, never drag your child into an argument or disagreement.
  • Stay kid focused. This isn’t about either of you; it’s about raising a healthy, happy, confident, and successful kid. Put your own issues aside. Put your anger aside. Stay positive and do it for your children.
  • Give parenting a business tone. Speak to your co-parent as if he or she were a colleague – with respect, professionalism, and a little distance if necessary. Again, this is not the time or place for your emotions to get worked up.
Co-parenting can be especially difficult if one of you still harbors anger about the divorce. That’s natural. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the sadness and hurt together before turning to your kid-focused conversation.

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