Valentine’s Day and the Beginning of “Divorce Season”

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Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love and romance. For some, it could be a wake-up call or the final straw when it comes to divorce. Several studies have documented that the days surrounding the holiday are popular for Internet searches for divorce information—and the months following the holiday are popular for filing divorce papers. Here are the statistics:

  • According to one study of divorce filings in New York and California, divorces increase by 18% in February.
  • One legal referral site has reported that their divorce queries increase 38% on the day after Valentine’s Day.
  • Legal website and forum AVVO reports that their queries about divorce and protection orders increase by 40% on the days surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Why do divorce lawyers and love experts think that the “divorce season” begins with Valentine’s Day? Some believe that Valentine’s Day may remind couples of what their relationship should be like, and what they are missing in their own lives. Others think that some people are disappointed with how their spouse observes Valentine’s Day—and it makes them realize that they aren’t happy in their marriage. Some people may seek a divorce on the holiday because their spouse’s affair becomes apparent on Valentine’s Day.

How to Handle the Aftermath of Divorce Season

Returning to the workforce can be difficult for people after a divorce, especially if they have been raising a family for a number of years. For example, moms who have stayed at home to raise a family and now have the need or wish to restart their career after their relationship ends are faced with a number of challenges. Here are a few tips to make the transition to work easier. 

  • Activate your network. Finding a job after staying home for a number of years can be difficult, especially if you worked in a fast-moving profession. This is an ideal time to call in favors, connect with old colleagues, and ask friends and relatives for leads. You will be surprised by who will help and what opportunities may arise.  
  • Consider returning to school. You may need to return to school to update your education and catch up in your field. Or you may want to return to school to explore a new career altogether. You may also wish to continue your schooling so that you can apply for better-paying jobs. Whatever your reason, furthering your education almost always improves your employment options. 
  • Think outside of the box. Many women reentering the workforce only apply for jobs that are identical to the one they held before they married and had children. This may be a mistake. When returning to the job market, don’t be afraid to consider different opportunities, go in a new direction, or make a fresh start. 

What Should You Do With Your Wedding Band After a Divorce?

Your engagement ring and wedding ring are a symbol of your marriage – so what does it symbolize after a divorce? And what does it mean to you personally?

What you do with your rings after a divorce is an extremely personal choice – and there is no right answer. The only issue is discovering for yourself what the right choice is for you and your family. One woman may want to keep wearing her ring even after the divorce, while another may throw hers into the ocean for closure. Here are a few more common choices:

Repurpose the ring into a new symbol. Many women are making the choice to bring the ring to a jeweler and to create a new meaningful piece altogether – a diamond pin that represents a new chapter in her life, or a necklace that reminds her of where she is on her journey.
Keep the ring for your children. Even though your marriage may not hold much meaning for you, it may be more important to your children, even if things didn’t work out. If you have young children, you may consider keeping the ring until you know their feelings or until you know whether they would appreciate the keepsake.

Return the ring to the giver. Some women are empowered by returning the ring to their ex – an action that can be symbolic and healing.
Sell the ring. Engagement rings can be worth a lot – and in some cases can be one of the bigger assets that a person has. If the ring no longer holds meaning to you, and if it could help you financially as you start a new chapter in your life, consider selling it.

Speak to an Experienced Divorce Attorney About Your Options During and After Divorce

No matter when or how you come to the decision to end your marriage and start a new chapter, you may need the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced divorce attorney in the Seattle area. At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, we can help guide you through the process and get you the settlement you need and deserve. To learn more about our legal services, call today at 425-460-0550.

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