Recently, the National Council on Disability published a new report entitled, “Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children.” The thorough report examined the current issue of parents with disabilities and the struggles they face when it comes to securing and keeping custody of their children. The study—which is over 400 pages long—ends with a list of key findings. Let’s take a closer look:

  • There is a lack of concrete data and research regarding parents with disabilities such as their prevalence and capabilities.
  • Child welfare services are currently not able to offer appropriate help to parents with disabilities and their families.
  • Parents with disabilities engaged in custody battles are often discriminated against.
  • Parents with disabilities who are battling to keep custody of their children often face inappropriate or inaccurate parental assessments.
  • Parents with disabilities face unjust barriers when attempting to adopt children or keep adopted children.
  • People with disabilities face unjust barriers when seeking fertility treatments.
  • Parents with disabilities seeking custody of their children often have difficulty finding appropriate legal representation.
  • Federal legislation is needed to protect parents with disabilities who wish to keep their families intact.

When it comes to Washington State child custody cases, it is imperative that disabled parents know their rights, understand what is best for their children, and get legal representation that can ensure that they see justice. If you are a disabled parent struggling to retain custody of your child, or if you have wrongfully lost custody of your child, you may wish to speak with an experienced family lawyer. To talk to a Seattle child custody attorney about your case, call the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today to schedule a meeting: 425-460-0550.

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