It can be difficult to prepare your child for a long-distance visitation with your ex-spouse, especially if they are young, if they aren’t familiar with travel, or are uncomfortable being away from home. Packing for such a trip can present a unique challenge on its own. Here are a few tips to get started: 

  • Note the weather. If your ex has moved a considerable distance away, consider the weather and other conditions at the new location before packing. If the climate is considerably different, talk with your ex to be able to keep some weather-specific clothes permanently at the house, such as snow pants and mittens (in colder climates) or bathing suits and sunblock (in warmer climates). 
  • Take notes during a typical day. Take a day or two to watch what your child uses and needs as they go through their routine. Note toiletries, special comforts, dietary issues, toys, and other objects that make your child safe, stable, and comfortable. Which of these objects can and should travel with your child? 
  • Get your child involved. If your child is old enough, ask them what they would like to take and what they are nervous about leaving behind. Even if it isn’t practical, it may be worth it to pack or mail non-essentials, including a child’s favorite toys or security items. 
  • Communicate with your ex. It’s rare to have a completely amicable relationship after a divorce or break up, but being able to openly communicate before a long-distance child visit is key. Make sure you know what your ex has at their house for the child and what your child needs to bring. 

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