Is Your Divorce Mediator Maintaining Professional Competence?

We have talked a lot on our Washington mediation blog about what mediators do and how they should act during your divorce mediation sessions. However, we have not yet written about what family and divorce mediators should do to maintain their professional competence outside of their mediation sessions. According to the thirteenth model standard of practice for family and divorce mediation, divorce mediators should do the following three things: 

  1. Continuously improve their mediation skills. This could include continuing their education through courses, self-study, and self-assessment. Continuing education may include learning the newest mediation techniques and standards, as well as taking a closer look at your own mediation sessions and their outcome. 
  2. Participate in programs of peer counseling. These programs may include having an experienced mediator as a mentor, as well as mentoring a less experienced mediator. It may also include conferences or meetings involving mediators and the mediation field. 
  3. Keep in mind the issues of culture and diversity in mediation. We are still learning about the impact of cultural issues and diversity issues on divorce and family mediation. Mediators should be aware of these issues, as well as what the field is learning about these issues as a whole over time. 

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