couple in a divorce mediation sessionThis week we discussed what exactly takes place during a divorce mediation session. In today’s blog post, we will expand on that discussion by talking about how you can best prepare for each of these sessions in order to achieve the most successful and fair outcome.

  • Get ready emotionally. Whether in the courtroom or your mediator’s office, divorce is extremely emotional. In order to have a successful mediation session, you have to confront your emotions before your meeting and go in with a clear head. Put aside any resentment or anger you may have toward your spouse and focus on being open minded and compromising – while still fighting for what you think is fair.
  • Review all of your documentation. The best way to know what you deserve in your divorce is to know exactly what you are fighting for. It is worth your time to review your bank statements, tax returns, retirement funds, and other materials before each session. As you process the information, ask yourself what a fair solution to splitting your assets is and which assets are most important to you.
  • Talk to an attorney. Some have the misconception that divorce mediation is only between you and your spouse. In reality, it is important to have legal counsel during the mediation process who can guide you to a fair settlement and protect your rights under the law.

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jelly andrews 01/09/2013 08:18 PM
It is really important to be prepared before attending divorce mediation. This is quite a stressful situation. Being emotionally prepared, knowing all your documents well and you have collaborated with your lawyer will surely ease the divorce process.
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