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With increasing focus on social distancing and other preventative measures against the growing coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to acknowledge the importance of reaching out through social media as a way to stay connected, especially if you’re separated or newly single. Have you seen the recent videos where communities gather at a designated time to forge community by singing, playing instruments or cheering and clapping for health care workers?  Check out one video here.

Alone Together: Strategies on Staying ConnectedDivorce happy Washington Attorney

Facebook is currently running a series of funny TV commercials, showing how Facebook is connecting people with common interests, like those who play a kazoo, those who “wanna rock” and those who own hound dogs.  Probably everyone on Facebook already belongs to one or more private communities to connect with college friends, or book clubs or their preferred political party or news source.

For the recently divorced person interested in following or connecting with like-minded others on social media, you will want to check out a new website  Minus A Plus One was created to connect strong, independent women through encouragement, vulnerability, humor and hope.   The website declares its intent “to support women navigating life on their own terms and to encourage one another during seasons of life that may not mirror what society tells us it should look like.“

The founder of Minus a Plus One, Katie Hammitt, describes it as “a place of positivity that is free from judgment of yourself and others. I hope to share my journey of becoming a strong, independent single woman with you in the hopes that you’ll feel less alone, laugh a little, and be encouraged to live your best life with or without a life partner. “ 

The website contains multiple choices for your consideration- you can sign up for her newsletter, or read the blog entries, or attend one of her organized events.  Each blog entry starts with suggestions for music, a wine pairing and an affirmation or quote or contemplate as you read her beautifully written words of wisdom.  Her planned events are all over the country and the world, with scheduled dates in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in June 2020, the Amalfi Coast in Italy in October 2020 and Tulum Mexico in Feb. 2021.

For Most Divorcees The End is the Beginning

Reading about Katie’s world travels is truly inspiring. She recognizes that ending a relationship did not need to be a tragic failure because it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her.  She explains, “Because I didn't marry the man I thought I would, I held orphans in Africa. I have a butt shot with a hippo named Hippy. I drank in the wonder of Machu Picchu and truly learned what it meant for the journey to surpass the destination. I shared a tent with a stranger in Peru and forged a friendship strong enough to join him on an adventure to Patagonia.”  And that’s just a small sample of her journey- you have to go to this website and read more about her adventures in Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, London, and more!

The family law lawyers at Molly B. Kenny, LLC encourage you to prioritize staying healthy in body and spirit. Know that around the corner there will be many opportunities to celebrate your singleness, and to start new adventures.  We want to be by your side as you go through the process that will open up a whole new world of possibilities.   

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