How Books Can Help Your Child Process Your Divorce

This month, we shared book recommendations for young children and teens who are processing their parents’ divorce. Why is reading books about divorce good for your kids, no matter what their age? 

  • Books can make tough subjects easier to explain. In many cases, parents simply don’t have the knowledge or tools to explain to their children exactly why a divorce happened or how their family can heal after a divorce. Books about divorce—many of which are written by professional therapists—can help both parents and kids get a grasp of what is happening. 
  • Books make kids feel less alone. A divorce can be isolating for children, and they can feel like no one else has ever experienced what they are going through. A book can show them that their experience is common and that many kids can identify with how they are feeling. 
  • Books are filled with tools for coping. Many books for teens include tons of great activities, strategies, and tools for processing their feelings, connecting with friends, and keeping healthy relationships with family. 
  • Books encourage communication. Some kids will shut down communication during a divorce. Books are one way to get the conversation started again. After reading a book about divorce with your child, for example, you can ask them how they felt about the book instead of how they feel about your divorce. 
  • You can return to books again and again. Young children especially can benefit from reading a picture book about divorce several times a week, and they may be comforted by some of the simple messages: you are loved by both of your parents, the divorce is not your fault, you still have a family. 

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Molly B. Kenny
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