This week we have been discussing what men and women decide to do on the day that their divorce is finalized – from taking the day to grieve alone, to celebrating your new freedom and your new life chapter. However, it’s important to understand that people (and divorces) are all different, and that your way of marking the day could be very different than someone else’s way. Here are five out-of-the-box things that some have done to mark the day of their divorce.

  • I threw a huge party. If you are through the mourning stage and simply excited for the next phase of your life to start, you may be ready to celebrate with everyone you know.
  • I got a tattoo. Some mark the occasion by marking their bodies – kind of the opposite of getting someone’s name tattooed on your chest. The tattoo could symbolize a new start or your esteem for yourself. Or it could cover up your ex’s name.
  • I went on a blind date. What better way to say you are single again than by meeting someone new? Sometimes being single doesn’t feel quite real until you start doing what single people do. With the divorce officially behind you, why not start looking for love again?
  • I celebrated – with my ex! Getting divorced isn’t always acrimonious. In fact, a surprising number of divorces are mutual and amicable. In these cases, you will both be relieved and you might both be having the same feelings about your finalized divorce. Why not mark the occasion together as friends?
  • I got married! Sometimes the divorce process is a long one. And sometimes your divorce has come about because one of you met someone new. By the time all of the paperwork is done, you may be ready to say, “I do,” again, hopefully this time to the right person.

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