Everyone knows what to do the day you get married, but what do you do the day that your divorce is finalized? In Japan, divorce ceremonies are becoming more popular, but here in the United States, divorcees are often on their own to create their own day. Because the emotions that come with divorce are so complex and because every divorce is different, it makes sense that each person reacts differently and passes the day differently. Here’s how some choose to mark the day:

  • A celebration. Because divorce can take a significant amount of time, and because divorce often signifies the beginning of a new chapter, many people are over the worst of their grief and ready to celebrate with friends and family (or alone). Some might simply have a meal or a drink with a close friend, while others may actually organize an event.
  • Time alone. Many take the day of their divorce to reflect on their marriage, the time ahead, and their goals for the future. Whether they feel happiness, sadness, relief (or all three) spending some time on a walk, at the gym, or even cleaning the house may feel right for you.
  • Mourning your marriage. It is absolutely okay to take the day to cry, feel angry, or even to stew about what has happened. It is natural and good to have the release. It is not selfish or weak to take this time to truly grieve for your lost relationship and your changed dreams. Just be sure to seek help if your sadness evolves into a lasting depression.
  • Quality time with your children. While the formation of your family has changed, you may find peace focusing on what may be the most positive outcome of your marriage: your children. Some want to catch a sporting event or get out of the house, while others simply want to stay in and enjoy their family with a quiet night at home.
  • Ritual. Some take the day to do something symbolic. They might burn their love letters, sell their wedding ring, or buy something special that is just for them. They might take down pictures, write themselves a letter, or drink a glass of champagne. The ritual might signify a door closing or a door opening.

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